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The workspace is your personal working area, where you can create surveys/questionnaires and manage them.

From the workspace, you can create surveys in two ways, start from scratch, duplicate an existing survey or use and existing templates.

Create Survey from Scratch
Creating surveys from scratch means that you add questions manually, one at a time. In this case, it is ideal to have a blueprint of the survey plan to use as a guide while designing your questionnaire. Advanced planning will help to maintain focus, drive structure, and save time. You can get started with creating your survey by

  1. clicking on the Create Survey menu, and select new survey.
  2. Enter a relevant survey title.
  3. You will be redirected to the Build section, where you can start dragging and dropping questions to create a survey.

Duplicate an Existing Survey
An excellent, time-saving method is creating a survey by copying one that already exists. Copying surveys is especially recommended when you want an exact replica of a survey which already exists in your QuestiForm account, or when you need to create one or updated versions of an existing survey.

The following steps will show you how to create a copy of survey already present in your workspace:

  1. Click on ‘Info’ icon on a survey.
  2. Select ‘Duplicate Survey’ icon.
  3. Provide a title for the new survey, and then click OK.

Using a Template
You can use surveys from these categories as they are, or modify them as needed. This method is most helpful when you know your topic but are struggling with what questions need to be added. Of course, it’s especially helpful when you are on a tight deadline.

  1. Select ‘Create Survey’ menu.
  2. Select ‘From Template’.