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What is QuestiForm

QuestiForm helps you with your research in a smart, affordable and time efficient way. Just drag and drop wide range of question types to create your questionnaire, then customize backgrounds, images, colours and fonts. You can share your questionnaire on social media or embed in your website.

Here is why you should use QuestiForm:

Easy to Use

Designing your questionnaire by dragging and dropping wide range of question types, from basic multiple choice, textboxes to advanced analytical questions.

Customize the Look

Let your brand or personality come to life. You can add customized backgrounds, images, colours and fonts.

Enjoy Answering Survey

QuestiForm offers your respondents an engaging way to answer questions, one at a time, just like a real conversation.

100% Completion rate assured

Completion rate will be 100% using QuestiForm, and our response validation will ensure collected data is reliable.

Save Money and Time

Don’t spend time and money printing papers to distribute. Don’t pay people to analyse your data. Do it with QuestiForm and you will save your money and time

Easy to Use

QuestiForm will analyse your data for you into various charts. You can download your data in Excel format or get an SPSS Coded version of your data.

Share or Embed

You can share your survey on social media, through e-mail or SMS with a simple to generate link. You can also embed it in your website.