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Text Choice Question

This is used when you want to offer the participant a range of possible answers (less or equal to six) to a question. You can also allow participants to choose multiple answers.

Here is an example:

You can add this question type by dragging the Text Choice question type and drop it anywhere inside your questiform.

NB: The text choice question has a limit of 26 answers per question. If you need more than 26 question choices, please use the dropdown question type instead.


  1. Required: You can make your question required, thereby making the question mandatory. This will prevent your respondents from moving to the next question if they have not answered this question.
  2. Multiple selection: You can allow respondent to select multiple choices
  3. Add “other” option: This will allow respondents to type in a free text answer
  4. Vertically align choices: This will force your choices to be vertically aligned
  5. Labels: Use this to toggle showing of labels