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Restrict access to your QuestiForm

In order to visit a QuestiForm, one needs to know the exact URL containing a unique identifier. This can be found on the Share Panel. If a visitor does not know this link, they cannot find the form and therefore, they cannot answer the survey.

You can restrict access to your questiform by applying either of the following solutions:

  • Embedded your questiform on a page with login
  • Password protect your questiform

Embedded your questiform on a page with login

Embed your questiform on a page that can only be accessed by those who have logged in to your website. See embed questiform.

Password protect your QuestiForm

The idea is to ask the respondent for a password or pin code before they answer the question. When building your questiform:

  1. Add a question at the very beginning and ask for a pin code or password
  2. Add a Logic Jump so that:
    • If the answer is correct, the respondent will be able to continue the survey, and
    • If ┬áthe answer is incorrect, then the rest of the survey remains hidden.
  3. Share the password or pin code to your participant before sharing your questiform